About SA Learns


SA Learns is a call to action to create, develop and foster of a learning culture in South Africa as a means to economic growth, employment and engagement.

SA Learns is a Community of Practice aimed at bringing together members from all walks of South African life to address the bedrock in the building of a nation – LEARNING.

At Our Core: 

SA Learns is a living legacy of learning, sustainable transformation and freedom for future generations.

Why We Are Here 

Engaging a culture of learning as THE foundation to development, growth and prosperity

What we stand for:

What we are: 

Our Community: 

SA Learns requires committed citizens from all walks of life, ages, races, gender and culture to get involved in building a community of learning in any way they can

SA Learns has been founded as a social and cause marketing community of practice by Angela James of Align-Ed. Its primary role is to promote through marketing, media, branding, the hosting of relevant events, a culture of learning that is sustainable and is embraced by and engaged in by civil society, business, transformative learning providers and other stakeholders.

Watch this space to find out how to get involved.

SA Learns fully supports the United Nations Sustainable Goals that link to quality education, gender equality, good jobs, economic growth and partnering for the goals.

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